Caroline listens deeply.

That in itself is very beneficial (and rare) but the other benefit is, because of that deep listening, she is able to hear the core of the issue and bring it into the light of day with her intuition and questions. With that new knowledge, I can work with the issue in a way that I had not been able to before, and it has been quite transformational. Caroline has a presence that gives me the feeling that she is interested in me, concerned about me and rooting for me. She is down to earth and has a great sense of humor, both of which make me feel very comfortable working with her. She is relentlessly positive about the spaciousness of my essence, and that gives me the room to imagine myself as inhabiting all of that space.

I have a much deeper sense of my innate strength and wisdom. I have more confidence in my intuition and ability to find my own answers.

Ann, Charlottesville, VA

Caroline helped me see into myself.

I went to Caroline because my life felt off kilter.  Like your body feels before you go to a chiropractor.  Caroline had a very unusual way of helping me see into myself.  I am not new to self-introspection but just haven’t been able to see clear the clutter somehow.  She asks new questions and listens carefully to the answers.  She frames what I’ve said; gently changing old patterns I didn’t even know existed.  And, amazingly, she shares images of what she sees based on what I’m saying.  Early on, she realized I think in pictures so she provided them.  I remember clearly what we talked about but those images loom large and have informed so many of the decisions I’ve been making.  I had been stuck, on a fence and Caroline gently helped me down and allowed me to walk confidently into the future.  I will recommend Caroline to all who need the windows opened and the fresh air to come in.  Her compassion, insight and action-orientation are so unusual in the world of life coaches.  She is just plain wonderful.

Joan, San Francisco, CA

Caroline listens with her heart.

Working with Caroline is an opportunity to stretch and grow.  Caroline is not only extremely intuitive, but she has an amazing ability to hold space for people and to listen with all of her heart.  With humor, sensitivity and compassion, she gets to the point and gets you achieving the goals you want to accomplish.  A skilled and knowledgeable coach!

Lea, Missoula, MT