What’s Possible For You

Do you feel you are on the hamster wheel of your life?

Together, you and I can stop the spinning long enough to clarify what you are passionate about; what your gifts and talents are; and what gets in the way of your success. Pausing to investigate the answers can help you achieve more meaningful results that are in true alignment with what motivates and matters most to you.

Can you find yourself in these stories of people unwilling to settle?

Sandy has worked for the same company for 10 years; she makes a good salary and has a fair amount of job security, but not a lot of job satisfaction. When asked what she really wants to do, her answer is “this job works for the time being”, but she longs to do something more. Once she made her dreams real and tangible, Sandy was willing to step out of the rut she was in and take action, now, to land a job she loved.

What are you tolerating? What do you want to do with your precious time?


Jason is goal oriented, knows how to make a plan and is not averse to changing things up and doing things differently. Recently, after a lot of thought and planning he launched his own business, only to reach a significant roadblock within a month. Too quickly he felt like a failure. By changing his perspective, he was able to regroup, get back on track and, most importantly, be better prepared for the next challenge.

What’s possible if you view unexpected challenges as new routes to success? What’s life teaching you?


Max has lots of great ideas – he is full of dreams and good intentions but never seems to be able to make them happen. He sees others succeeding with their dreams, but he feels stuck and hopeless. Building an action plan and being accountable got his life moving forward.

Where are you stuck? What dreams are you sitting on?


Susan is getting ready to retire. She looks forward to loosening the tight band of obligation to others and dedicating time to dreams for herself that she’s put on hold. But now that the date of her retirement moves closer, she realizes she has no clue what this next phase of her life is going to look like. Through rich conversation and questions, she was able to envision a detailed picture of this really special stage in her life. Once she could “see” it, her fear fell away.

Who do you want to be now? What do you want to be when you “grow up”?


These stories are food for thought and inspiration, any resemblance to actual events or people is coincidental.